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We provide Bushfire Managements Plans and BAL Assessment Reports for buildings and projects in bushfire prone areas

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Bushfire Management Plans and Advice

 We provide Level 3 accredited Bushfire Management Plans specific to your project:

  • Simple development (house or granny flat)

  • Complex development or change of land use

  • Subdivision requiring BAL Contour Map

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BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) Assessment Reports

We provide an accredited BAL Assessment Report to assess your building or development. The result of the BAL assessment will be a rating that represents the potential radiant heat measured in KW/m2 and will determine the building constructions standards:

  • BAL LOW - Very low risk (no construction standards)

  • BAL12.5 - Low risk

  • BAL19 - Moderate risk

  • BAL 29 - High risk

  • BAL 40 - Very high risk

  • BAL FZ - Extreme risk (Flame Zone)

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